Hydraulic Rail Clamps

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Hydraulic Rail Clamps are used in Bulk Material Handling Equipments like Stackers, Reclaimers or in Gantry Cranes. In case of storm, high speed winds tend to topple these machines. Hydraulic Rail Clamps hold them securely to the Rail and protect them against high winds.

Arrangement – One rail clamp is provided on each rail with a common hydraulic power pack.As the operator puts rail clamp on, hydraulic Cylinder opens the Rail clamp jaws against spring force and as the rail clamp is shut or in case of power failure, the rail clamp is shut with spring force – jaws hold the rail securely.

Salient Features – Hydraulic power pack motor is not “ON” throughout the operation. As the rail clamp is opened the motor is shut and pressure is sin the system. If the pressure drops below the set limit then motor will restart and build a pressure to the maximum limit and shuts off.

Safety Features –

  1.  We have provided oil level switch. If the oil level in the power pack tank is low then motor will not start and clamp will not open.
  2.  We have provided limit switch showing rail clamp open. If rail clamp open signal is not received then travel drive motor will not start.
  3. In case of power failure, rail clamp will be shut off.

Depending upon capacity of machines, we have developed 5 models of Hydraulic Rail Clamps as follows –

Sr. No.    Hydraulic Rail Clamp Model           Clamping Force on each Rail
   1.         HRC 3.5                   3.5 T
   2.         HRC 5                   5.0 T
   3.         HRC 10                   10.0 T
   4.         HRC 15                   15.0 T
   5.         HRC 25                   25.0 T




 Hydraulic Rail Clamps

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