Rotary Feeder

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Rotary Feeder is precision equipment used for measured displacement of free flowing material. It is fitted below the chamber/ Vibro feeder and Cyclone in a spray drying plant or below the storage silos or prior to the baggage filling station.

Matchless Enterprises have developed 6 models of Rotary Feeders viz RF 100, RF 150, RF 200, RF 250, RF300 and RF350. RF100 and RF 150 are manufactured in S.S. whereas RF200, RF250 and RF350 are available in Aluminum castings or in S.S. In both the cases Rotor and Rotor shaft are in S.S. Rotor can be easily removed by opening the end cover.

Selection of Rotary Feeder – For Pilot Spray Drying  plant RF 100 is suitable. For a small spray Drying plant (50kg/hr powder production) RF 150 is suitable. For higher capacity spray Drying Plants RF 200, RF 250, RF 300 and RF 350 are used in combination, depending upon design of the Spray Drying Plant. Selection of Rotary Feeder also depends upon material properties. Aluminum castings are used for non abrasive material. Rotary Feeders are not suitable for very sticky or abrasive material.

Sr. No. Model Top openmm Geared Motor HP Rotor speedrpm     capacitym3/hr
1. RF 100       105     0.25        27       0.015
2. RF 150       160     0.25        31       0.050
3. RF 200       210     0.50        31       3.000
4. RF 250       260     0.50        31       5.000
5. RF 300       310     0.75        31      10.000
6. RF 350       360     1.00        31     15.000

Rotary Feeder Matchless Enterprises

Rotary Feeder Matchless Enterprises

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