Spinning Spare Machine Parts and Assemblies

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We have developed a number of assemblies of Spinning machines. Main assemblies are –
1. Spin pack assemblies including Spin pack Housing, distributor, governor, gaskets, sieves etc , except spinnerets all components. We have developed Bottom loading as well as top loading spin packs, magnetic tools used to assemble and dismount the bottom loading spin pack assemblies. We have also developed versatile spin pack assemblies which can accommodate spinnerets suitable for different yarn deniers leading to better capacity utilization and timely completion of the orders.
2. MFA Boxes including blow box, finish applicators, finish oil collectors, thread guides and the mounting arrangement. We have developed complete Yarn path from Spinpack to the Winder. We can modify existing yarn path to accommodate specific products.
3. Pump Shaft assemblies, tongues, M.P. couplings, Ball joint couplings etc. We have developed various types of Pump shaft assemblies and we have modified existing Pump shaft assemblies to achieve better performance and ease of maintenance.
4. Measuring Heads and allied spinning machine parts.

Image Gallery of Spare Parts and Assembly


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