Electro Hydraulic Thruster Operated Rail Clamps

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Electro Hydraulic Thruster Operated Rail Clamps are used in moving machines like Travelling Trippers of coal handling plant, Gantry Cranes and Semi Gantry Cranes.

In case of Travelling Tripper, even though it is stopped by shutting off the drive, the running tripper belt drags the tripper on the rail. To avoid this dragging, Thruster operated rail clamps are used.

In case of Gantry and Semi Gantry Cranes, Thruster Operated Rail clamps are used to hold the cranes to the rail in case of storm and avoid Toppling. Hence, Thruster rail clamp is also known as Storm Brake or Parking Brake or Hoist Brake.

Operation of Thruster rail clamp – when the machine power is put on, the Thruster operates opening the clamp against spring force and the machine moves freely on the rail. When the power to machine is shut, thruster is shut, closing the clamps on the rail with the spring force.

Depending upon Travelling Tripper capacity, following models are available-

Thruster Rail Clamp

Sr. No. Model Clamping Force Thruster Thruster Stroke
1. TRC 500 500 kg 50 kg 50 mm
  2.   TRC 1000        1000 kg       80 kg           50 mm
  3.   TRC 1500        1500 kg      120 kg           60 mm
  4.   TRC 2000        2000 kg      200 kg           60 mm
  5.   TRC 3000        3000 kg      300 kg           60 mm
Tailor made design of Thruster Rail clamp is also possible. Pl let us know your requirement.


Thruster Rail Clamps Matchless Enterprises

Thruster Rail Clamps Matchless Enterprises

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