Winder Spare Parts and Assemblies

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We have developed spare parts and assemblies of Bobbin Chuck, Friction Roll, Groove Roll, Cam Shaft of Winders used to produce Nylon, Polyester or P.P. Filament Yarn and they cover all the major Spinning/ Winding machine manufacturers across the world. While sending enquiry, please quote Winder make, Model and Part Number.

Winder Spare Parts Applications

Various types of Yarn cutters, Aspirators, Yarn shifters, Pawl cylinders, gathering Devices are our standard products. We have also developed Pneumatic fittings used in Winders such as Mini Valves, Restrictors, LDR, Connection Blocks, base plates, push in type fittings etc.

We have worked extensively on Winding machines for production capacity increase, yarn quality improvement, reduction in air consumption and over all ease of operation. If you have any such requirements then please send details to us.

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