Yarn Gathering Cutting Aspiration Unit

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Function – Gathering unit consist of Gathering arms, cutter and Aspirator. For winders winding 8 threads or 12 threads, instead of providing cutter aspirator per thread, one gathering unit is fitted above the Winder. If any of the threads breaks, yarn sensor will a give signal to Gathering unit. The Arms of Gathering unit will collect remaining threads, bring them to center, cutter will cut the same and Aspirator will start sucking the cut threads. Similarly when doffing is completed, signal will be given to the gathering unit and above action will repeat.

Advantages – since one cutter and one aspirator is used instead of 8 or 12, compressed air is saved substantially, reducing operating cost. Threading from aspirator to winder becomes easy and avoid wastage. Thus production losses are reduced substantially.

Tailor made Design – we can design Gathering unit suitable to your existing yarn path.




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