Rotary Atomizers

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Rotary Atomizers are high speed precision machines used in Spray Drying plants to convert liquid feed material to Powder eg Milk to Milk Powder.
Rotary Atomizer wheel rotates at very high speed and as the feed material enters the wheel, it is thrown out in the form of fine spray due to the centrifugal force. As this fine spray comes in contact with hot air in the spray drying chamber, water is evaporated and fine powder is collected at the bottom of the chamber.
Depending upon the capacities and feed material, we have developed following models. Each Model can be supplied with a wheel suitable for specific application. We have developed wheel with plain holes, wheel with inclined holes, wheel with inserts, wheel with ceramic inserts, wheel with straight vens, wheel with curved vens – clock wise/anti clockwise. With selection of correct wheel and correct speed, required fineness/ bulk density of the powder can be achieved.
We have supplied more than 100 Atomizers which are working in Milk Dairies, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Herbal Industries, food processing Industries, Ceramic Industries and many such Industries.
We can supply Rotary Atomizer with special grease packed bearings where Drying chamber temperature do not exceed 150 degrees centigrade. For such Rotary Atomizers, oiling is not required.

Sr. No Atomizer Type Capacity


Electric Motor


Top Plate

OD mm



Maximum Speed


Motor extn

from one side mm

 1  AT 63M  Pilot plant  0.5  350  300  26000  75
 2  AT 80M1  5-30  1.0  350  300  24000  75
 3  AT 100M  50-100  2.0  350  360  22000  90
 4  AT 120  150-300  3.0  350  494  18000  100
 5  AT 120L  150-300  3.0  350  600  18000  100
 6  AT 160  350-800  5.0/7.5  450  760  16000  100
 7  AT 250M  1000-1800  15/20  700  900  12000  100
 8  AT 250L  1000-1800  15/20  700  1100  12000  100


Rotary Atomizer MatchlessEnterprises

Rotary Atomizer MatchlessEnterprises

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