Hydraulic Systems & Textile Equipment

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Hydraulic Systems developed by us are mainly for Spinning Auxiliary department of Manmade Fibre manufacturing Industries.
1. Hydraulic Press for spin pack Assembly – while assembling the spin pack, it is recommended to press the sand on Hydraulic press to achieve better results and longer pack life. More over with the use of Hydraulic Press, spin pack to spin pack product variation is avoided.
2. Hydraulic system for spin pack dismantling – by using Hydraulic System while dismantling the spin pack, damage to the housing and Spinnerets is avoided. More over dismantling becomes fast with no fatigue to the worker. Same Hydraulic System can be used to dismantle different types of Spin packs.
3. Hydraulic system for spin pack lifting – for heavy spin packs required to be lifted over head and placed in position, Hydraulic System is used. With such Hydraulic Systems, worker fatigue and possibility of accident is avoided. More over operation of placing Spin pack is position becomes fast and smooth.
We have supplied these assemblies to a number of Customers based in India.
We have also developed Textile Equipments such as –

1 Doffing Trolley – it is used to remove the doffs from the Bobbin Chuck and transport the same safely.
2 Winder Trolley – it is used to remove Winder head from the Winding machine and transport the same to maintenance area. Winder Trolley is also used to bring back serviced Winder head to the position and assemble with the Winding machine.
3 Spin pack lifting Manual Trolley as per Customer specifications – it used to lift preheated Spin pack assemblies to the required position and fix. This trolley is used to remove the spin pack from the position as well. Since the lifting and lowering operation is manual, it takes long time compared to Hydraulic System.

Advantages of Hydraulic Systems & Textile Equipment are:

a) They improve operational speed
b) Reduce damage to costly assemblies
c) Reduce labour fatigue
d) Give consistent quality


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